Saturday, September 29, 2012

Should you update to iOS 6?

After playing around with iOS 6 for some time i would like to make a post about whether it makes sense to update your iOS from an iphoneographers point of view or not. Now i know that iOS 6 has been out for more than two thousand years and you are probably all thinking: What next? Is he going to tell us that a new iPhone came out?
In fact i always wait some time before updating my iOS because you never know what they screwed up this time. No but seriously, i first wanted to check everything out well before making a post about it.

So what is new with iOS 6?
In fact, lots of new things have been included. But not too many new cool features from a photographic point of view:

Panorama mode:
Finally a reason to stick with the good old standart camera app again. Without a doubt there are great third party apps out there that do the job quite well, it is always great to have this feature already packed in the standart app. While nothing extraordinary, it works perfectly well and there is nothing bad i can say about it.
Unfortunately, as far as i have heard, older devices don't get the panorama feature. Im not sure why they did this, since i am fairly sure that the hardware could handle this without a problem.

Shared Photo Streams:
Oh the joys of annoying friends with those awesome pictures of yours. Now you can share the photos you want with the people you choose, provided they have updated to iOS 6. It actually works quite well and the best part is that your shared Photo Streams don’t count against your iCloud storage. People can even like pictures and comment them.

Another problem many people experience when they update their iOS is that some of their apps seem to crash. While i can only talk for myself, i havent had any problems with any of the apps i have.

My thoughts on iOS 6:
If you want a recommendation whether you should update or not, i can not give you a clear answer. There are simply so many factors that count for and against an update. From an iphoneographers point of view i would say: sure go and update! Nothing wrong with it.
Also i have to admit that i didnt update my iPhone after iOS 5.0.1 so i even got a "new" killer feature which is the fast camera access even if your iPhone is locked with a code.
On the other hand, there are a few things that i didnt like about the update, but those didnt have to do with iphone photography. Yeah thats right i look at you there Apple Maps for making my village look like minecraft-textures.

So it is really hard to say if iOS 6 will fit your needs, and it probably wont only depend on the new panorama mode and the shared photo stream. But if those two are some killer features for you, there is no reason not to update!

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  1. why they shouldnt update?! stupid blogpost, sorry..