Thursday, September 27, 2012

iPro lens mount for iPhone 5

If you happen to own the Schneider Optics iPro Lens System and the new iPhone 5, you probably already know that these two dont work together pretty well. The guys from BoPhoto have taken up on  this problem and got a solution for you. In fact i would even dare to say that this solution is even better than what the original iPro Lens System has to offer.

Originally, the iPro Lenses where supposed to be mounted on a special case. In my opinion, that was a pretty bad idea because of two reasons: Some people dont like cases for their iPhone and an even bigger problem was, that if you happened to own other accessories that require a different case or no case at all, you always had to take it away, put it in your pocket, etc. And one important thing for iPhone accessories is that they are small and fit everywhere.

But lets talk about the BoPhoto mount. By using Shapeways 3D printing technology, they were able to create a mount for your iPhone similar to the Olloclip. It is even double-sided, which means you can attach one lens on the front and one on the back so you can switch between two lenses quite fast.
This leaves me thinking why the developers of the iPro Lens System didnt think of this in the first place. You know, why hasnt there been someone at their meeting saying something like "Hey Bob, nobody wants a freakin case just for using a lens."

If you now want one, head over to BoPhoto's Shapeways Online Store to grab yours. One mount costs 14,33€ which is a really fair price in my opinion.

My thoughts on this mount:

If you own both the iPhone 5 and the iPro Lenses, i am pretty sure you will be happy with this gadget. For 14€ you cant go wrong with it, and who knows, you might even like it more than the original case.

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