Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turn your iPhone in a POV camera

Don't you hate it when you're chasing super villains and can't film yourself while being awesome because you need both hands to slash down those ninjas? Well, suffer no more. With this awesome Kickstarter-Project you can turn your iPhone into a POV camera!

The so called "Velocity Clip" is a cool mount for your iPhone (and even other smartphones and some digital cameras). Here are the features:

  • Capture amazing angles, hands free!
  • Stream live video feeds from your smartphone.
  • Universal (Android, iPhone, Digital Cameras)
  • 3 Mounts - Head, Chest, & Gear
  • Cost a fraction of POV mounts on the market today
The cool thing about it, is that its absolutely versatile. Mount it on your head, chest, gear, butt, it doesnt matter. You can even put your favourite case on your iPhone, in case you are afraid it might get smashed in the heat of action. Not even lenses are a problem. Combinig it with some other gadgets, maybe making it waterproof, you now finally have a GoPro if you are brave enough.

Early bird prices start at 49$ and funding is possible until Nov 14, so don't wait too long.

My opinion on the Velocity Clip:
I am not quite sure. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE the idea of this gadget. It's cool and innovative and could deliver us some impressive videos on Youtube. It gives you the possibility to make a GoPro out of your iPhone (combined with other gadgets of course). And there is the problem. Do I trust the Velocity Clip and other gadgets enough to take my iPhone when i go to bungee jumping? Or canoeing? Or surfing?
Still I really hope the project gets funded, because I can't stress this enough: The more gadgets we have on the market for our iPhone's, the more cool things we will see soon on the internet.

In case you are interested, head over to their Kickstarter page right here!


  1. Wow this is some nice equipment! I think I will buy a clip for when I'm going to ski in Aspen again! How awesome would it be to see the whole vacation again from your point of view when your back at home! Thanks:)

  2. seems like a cool thing to have. probably beats a GoPro too.