Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tiltpod - the keychain tripod for your iPhone

I love gadgets. Did i mention that i love gadgets? Especially the useless useful ones. Photojojo did it again, when they designed and released their newest creation called "Tiltpod Mobile". It is actually a keyring that has a small tripod with it that works with your caseless iPhone.
The base of the tripod is made out of rubber, so it will probably stay firm on nearly every surface. But its not as cheap as it might look on first glance. It has a small magnetic ball that lets you tilt your iPhone just how you want it.

  • Keychain tripod for caseless iPhone 4/4S
  • Grippy base for flat or uneven surfaces
  • Tilts your iPhone to almost any angle
  • Perfect for portraits, low-light photos or time-lapses
  • Works in portrait or landscape

My thoughts on the Tiltpod:

If you want the short summary: AWESOME!
No but honestly, this small gadget has everything that i need for my iPhone photography equipment. It is small, useful, "cheap" and i will carry it with me all the time since I'm probably screwed anyway if i forget my keys at home. This might be a gamechanger for me when it comes to buying a tripod.
I always wanted to buy one, but never did because I knew exactly that I wont be carrying it around with me all the time.

Since i dont use a case anyway because i really like my Olloclip, it doesnt even matter to me that it wont work with cases.

If you are interested, check Photojojo's store out right here!
Price is 15$

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  1. That is pretty smart! I agree it's much better than a regular bulky tripod